Secure Access

Zero Trust Edge x VPN – what’s the most secure model?

Zero Trust Edge x VPN: what’s the most secure model? Remote work, driven by the pandemic, raised a major concern for Executives: the need to adopt “borderless” mechanisms to protect the data and employees of the Companies where they were, and at the same time, be effective against the increase in cyber attacks In all world.  According to a report released by Forrester, the Zero Trust Edge (ZTE) model has stood out in the preference of Organizations, for unifying network and security infrastructure, in addition to enabling and protecting remote workers.  Understand the reason for this choice and

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Cyber War – how it works

Cyber War: how it works Cyberspace has become an extension of traditional battlefields, allowing nations to sustain damaging conflicts without physical confrontation, troops or machines.   What is Cyber War? Cyber War involves the intentional invasion of another nations’ networks

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Stop Sharing Company Passwords

Stop Sharing Company Passwords Password sharing is one of the biggest security issues affecting business today, and yet it is one of the least managed security risks. There are many

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Types of Malware

Types of Malware Malware, the abbreviated word for ‘malicious software’ is the name for any code that can be used to steal data, cause damage, circumvent access, or compromise systems.  

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2020 security and risk trends

2020 security and risk trends The digitalization of businesses caused the expansion of the Companies’ perimeter, expanding the circulation of data outside the Organization, requiring greater risk management and the adoption of

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Data Protection

IT compliance challenges

IT compliance challenges The word “compliance” comes from the English verb “to comply”. It is a term widely used in the corporate world to show conformity to regulations, laws, and standards

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Secure Access

5 Best Practices for Secure Access

5 Best Practices for Secure Access Social detachment has profoundly transformed people’s lives, becoming the “new normal.” This reality changed the way we experience some things, such as time and

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