Secure user access, for your team and third-party users

VaultOne is a robust privileged access management (PAM) solution that lets you control and understand who has local and remote access to which resources in your company. We combine Zero Trust architecture with multiple information security mechanisms to keep your business safe.

Challenge & Solution

Solution for local and remote secure access

Secure user access to resources has always been a priority within companies. But, as the world becomes more connected, there are new challenges and risks. One of the biggest challenges for companies is to keep employees and third parties securely and efficiently connected to their network from different locations. This is where VaultOne comes in, minimizing risks associated with secure access, whether by your team or third parties.

Secure and manage user access to any resource

Least Privilege

Securely connect employees and third parties to your company's resources without the need for VPN

Set access levels to resources and assets

Unlike a VPN, with VaultOne you define user access levels to any resources and assets, which provides visibility across the entire network. That way, you protect your applications, websites, servers, databases, cloud services, and any other infrastructure.

Implement Zero Trust to improve security

VaultOne is a solution based on the Zero Trust model, which means that you create policies and guidelines to ensure that only the right users, with the right privileges, access the company’s data and resources from trusted networks and devices.

Increase visibility over remote access

Employees and third parties in remote work are more vulnerable to cyber attacks that can compromise your entire operation. In these cases, you need to have more control and visibility over them. VaultOne allows you to identify and manage remote access quickly and securely, regardless of devices and systems.

Protect credentials and passwords

Credentials and passwords always create concern, either due to users using weak passwords or sharing them with others. VaultOne helps to solve this issue, generating and storing complex passwords, and even preventing users from viewing or accessing them.

Privacy & Security by Design

Meet VaultOne's privileged access management (PAM) solution

Our PAM solution simplifies and automates user and password management to protect your company from external attackers and malicious insiders, preventing breaches and achieving compliance.


Secure Your Business

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