Privileged access management (PAM) made efficient

VaultOne is a complete and advanced privileged access management (PAM) solution. We help your company manage and have full control over users, access, passwords, resources and assets, preventing data breaches, ensuring compliance and blocking internal and external threats.


Be Safe Anywhere

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Privileged accounts, user access and passwords represent one of your company’s biggest vulnerabilities. Several cybersecurity reports have pointed to an increase in the use of stolen credentials and passwords as a way to compromise companies. In addition, there are internal threats, that are often more difficult to detect. That’s why you need to be prepared and protected, minimizing risks and improving security. That’s why you need VaultOne.

Why privileged access management (PAM)


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of breaches involved brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials

Human Error

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of breaches involved human error


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of breaches were misuse by users


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of phishing breaches compromised credentials

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Least Privilege

Single and powerful PAM solution with multiple comprehensive access security features

Access Manager

Access manager capabilities allow you to secure user access, especially remote access, defending your sensitive data and resources against attacks and improper access.

Session Manager and Recorder

Monitor, record and control privileged session activity, protecting your data, users, resources and assets.

Password Manager and Generator

Easily and securely manage your business’s passwords, credentials and certificates, avoiding data theft.

Password Vaulting

Store your passwords in a secure solution protected by encryption and define who can access them.

Task Automation

Automate security and administration tasks, ensuring better protection and more agility, giving you and your team more time to focus on other activities.

Multi-factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of protection with multi-factor authentication whenever a user requests access to your company’s resources and assets.

Auditing & Reporting

Meet security and privacy compliance requirements, such as GDPR and ISO 27001, by implementing least privilege access and being able to identify all of your users and privileged accounts (your team and third parties).

Role-based Administration

Use the role-based administration feature to create and define granular administrative roles, giving users only the tools and permissions they need to get the job done.

Customizable Policies

Create customizable policies according to your company’s demands so that they help you ensure data, resources, and systems protection.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Have access to your resources and assets whenever you need, since our solution is designed with failover safeguards, ensuring real availability.


Easy to manage and deploy, and top-level support

Our PAM is offered as a SaaS solution, which simplifies deployment and provides flexibility and scalability. Also, we offer top-level support, every step of the way. See how to deploy VaultOne.

Super Admin Account

First, your account will be created so that you have control over assets and resources.


Then, you need to install a connector to integrate VaultOne into your different environments.

Users, Resources and Others

Add users, passwords, resources and define access policies, privileges, roles and others.

Safe and Sound

Now your security is updated. Manage and control user access in an easy to use solution.

Why VaultOne

How our PAM solution protects your business

Secure user access, for your team and third-party users

Avoid cyber attacks, human errors, and data breaches

Secure your cloud and hybrid environments

Audit and control user access, and achieve compliance

Secure Your Business

Let's focus on protecting your company's access control