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Empower your cybersecurity with our Professional Services or collaborate with our Strategic Partners to establish a resilient foundation for your Security Platform. Swiftly and securely launch your new VaultOne solutions with our expertise, and trust us to continually optimize for enduring security.


Secure from the beginning

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We’ll help ensure your VaultOne solutions are strongly deployed and optimized to evolve your Security program as well. Our commitment is to optimize the value of your VaultOne investment and continuously elevate your PAM deployment for lasting benefits

Why privileged access management (PAM)


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Excellence in Services

We’ll help ensure your VaultOne solutions are securely deployed and optimized

Health Check

Receive reports on the usability of your environment, have a complete view of the most used credentials, most accessed assets, which assets that particular user has accessed over a period of time, which assets are not being accessed, among other information. Receive tips and suggestions on how to protect your company’s identities and access.

Environment Management

Use VaultOne’s technical team to manage your environment within the platform by creating new users, registering assets, maintaining connectors, suggesting security configurations, recommending good market practices in the area of identity management, among others services.

Implementation Services

Have a certified VaultOne engineer carry out the installation and configuration of your environment, according to good practices and market recommendations, ensuring the delivery of a safe environment.

VaultOne Attestation

If you already have an environment within VaultOne and have questions about configurations, use or even doubts whether the environment was configured following good security practices, you can hire a VaultOne assessment. A VaultOne engineer will carry out a complete analysis of your environment, exploring configurations, usability, registrations, among other configurations. At the end of this service, you will be confident that your environment within VaultOne will be secure and operational.


Easy to manage and deploy, and top-level support

Our PAM is offered as a SaaS solution, which simplifies deployment and provides flexibility and scalability. Also, we offer top-level support, every step of the way. See how to deploy VaultOne.

Super Admin Account

First, your account will be created so that you have control over assets and resources.


Then, you need to install a connector to integrate VaultOne into your different environments.

Users, Resources and Others

Add users, passwords, resources and define access policies, privileges, roles and others.

Safe and Sound

Now your security is updated. Manage and control user access in an easy to use solution.

Why VaultOne

How our PAM solution protects your business

Secure user access, for your team and third-party users

Avoid cyber attacks, human errors, and data breaches

Secure your cloud and hybrid environments

Audit and control user access, and achieve compliance

Secure Your Business

Let's focus on protecting your company's access control