Vault One makes your IT safer & smarterPassword and Access management security to help you protect applications, cloud services, and infrastructure.

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Forrester estimates that 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials.

Forrester Research, Wave Report

Discover what a new kind of vault can do for you!Trusted with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated HSM to protect your data


Connect your IT staff to your infrastructure without disclosing administrative passwords.

Hardware Protection

We provision, configure, patch, and maintain highly complex security infrastructure for you.


of security breaches can be avoided if you have control over privileged credentials.

Remote Access

Remotely access any machine that supports RDP, SSH, Telnet, or VNC.

Least Privilege

Access only the information and resources that are necessary to the job. Decreasing the attack surface.


State-of-the-art blockchain based audit system for your passwords and keys.

Access Control for Shared AccountsStop Unrestricted Use of Privileged Information

Passwords for shared accounts must not be shared because it can lead to uncontrolled access to company’s resources.

Vault One reduces the attack surface of a threat by providing session access to servers without disclosing password material. These sessions are recorded for later forensics and audit, allowing you to track the source of a breach.

Access to shared accounts can be contingent on additional workflow approvals and/or high-trust MFA.

Enable Strong GovernanceIncrease your operational efficiency


Your privileged information should be kept in a strong digital safe; not in spreadsheets, notepads, nor with employees.


Data needs to be accessed in the office, on the road, and at home; but you must put in place a system that ensures the information is secure.


Enable personal accountability and the tracking of security breaches and insider attacks.

Enterprise Password ManagerAn Essential Tool For CISOs

A hardware security module, or HSM, is the only appropriate place to store privileged credentials, it provides multiple layers of encryption for the data at rest.

With Vault One, there’s no need for you to provision, configure, patch, and maintain highly complex security infrastructure. We provide you with an exclusive hardware container, your private data is never stored together with other customers’ data.

Centralize and maintain control over your accounts.

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