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Automated Digital Security

Grant and revoke user access to any system in an automated way.

Relying on manual processes to give or revoke access is not efficient and can lead to credential abuse.

Identity Management (Cloud & On-premises)

Provide easy and secure access to any application, system and database.

Privileged identity and access are not for Active Directory to manage.

Make Your Directory Smarter

Increase your directory reach, and work with multiple directories.

Active Directory, LDAP, Google G Suite, Office 365 will only connect you to certain applications and servers, with VaultOne you can connect your users to all systems and applications.

Audit & Compliance

Track, monitor and protect your most valuable information.

Privacy regulations and security certifications are easier to achieve using VaultOne powerful audit system.

Next-generation protection beyond the perimeter

Access Control for Shared Accounts

Provide easy access to servers and internal applications, set approval workflows to access privileged information.

Password Vault

Protect your privileged credentials in FIPS-compliant Cloud HSMs, automate the access grant process.

Audit and Compliance

Get alerts and recommendations to avoid breaches before they happen, comply with privacy regulations.

Do you need help to get started?

Often, increasing security also means a lot of operational effort with new tools, training and people. It is precisely here that we differentiate ourselves, we increase the security of your organization quickly and support you all the way.

Priority support

Local partners

Four-step implementation plan

Consulting services

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How We Compare

VaultOne is a next-generation security solution that addresses security issues from different domains (Password Manager, Secure Access, PAM, Identity Management) as a single, integrated and sleek solution, perfect for SMBs and those wishing to increase the cyber security in the organization.


At VaultOne, we strive for simplicity and offer you responsive and helpful technical support.

Features Password Managers IAM, PIM, PAM VaultONE
Store, manage and share passwords
Store, manage and share keys
Access applications, servers, databases, and websites
API integration
Fast implementation
Multilingual interface and support
Secure chat system to request access and credentials
Access internal applications (VPN)

Trusted by over 1000 professionals.

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