Avoid cyber attacks, human errors, and data breaches

VaultOne is an advanced privileged access management (PAM) solution that protects your business from cyber attacks, human errors and data breaches. We use the Zero Trust model and several cybersecurity mechanisms to protect you from malicious outsiders and insiders.

Challenge & Solution

Solution for risk management and security

The risk lies inside and outside the company. A person who has access to privileged credentials can access different systems and applications to steal sensitive data, change security settings and even install malware. The damage can be irreparable, including system outages. To deal with this scenario, VaultOne allows your business to control and monitor user access, minimizing the risk of internal and external threats.

Secure and manage user access to any resource

Least Privilege

Keep your business running and safe by preventing malicious activity and human failure

Implement Zero Trust to prevent data breaches

The Zero Trust architecture, which is based on the least privilege security model, is at the core of VaultOne. In practice, it means that you define the right access at the right time, having control and visibility over people who access your resources and assets.

Have visibility and avoid human error and misuse

According to a Verizon report from 2020, more than 20% of data breaches involve human error and 8% are related to misuse by authorized users. By easily tracking user actions, VaultOne allows you to understand and restrict user’s access to your critical business resources, avoiding human errors and misuse.

Block cyber attacks, from inside and outside

When it comes to security and risk management, it is important to be prepared to avoid different scenarios, such as ransomware attacks and stolen privileged credentials. This is where VaultOne meets your needs, helping to block internal and external threats before they affect your business and operations.

Improve protection with password vault

Stealing credentials and passwords to access critical systems is one of the tactics and scams most used by cybercriminals to compromise business networks. That’s why VaultOne is armed with an advanced digital vault, which protects, stores and generates complex passwords, keeping your business safe.

Privacy & Security by Design

Meet VaultOne's privileged access management (PAM) solution

Our PAM solution simplifies and automates user and password management to protect your company from external attackers and malicious insiders, preventing breaches and achieving compliance.


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