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We develop advanced privileged access management (PAM) technology and mechanisms that minimize risks and vulnerabilities within your company.


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The VaultOne story

At VaultOne, we believe that security solutions for managing access, privileges, and passwords are indispensable for creating a consistent strategy to protect data, assets, and resources. Without user control, it’s impossible to minimize risks and vulnerabilities within your company. That’s why we invest a lot of energy in developing advanced privileged access management (PAM) technology and mechanisms, to ensure that you are secure.

Zero Trust

We work to solve secure access challenges

For companies of all sizes

VaultOne was founded in 2017, from the dream of an information security specialist to develop a complete access management solution that would be accessible to companies of different sizes and sectors.

Designed to be highly customizable

Our mission, from day one, is to create solutions that can easily adapt to different types of environments, being highly customizable. In addition, we are committed to reducing the complexity for which cybersecurity is so well known.

Zero Trust in our core business

The Zero Trust architecture is at the core of VaultOne. Based on the “never trust, always check” principle, Zero Trust is designed to protect diverse environments, including remote access, and simplify user access control.


Leonardo Cooper, CEO at VaultOne

VaultOne arose from the need to understand and meet the demand of many companies regarding privilege and user access control, which is a complex IT problem and opens up many gaps for internal and external threats and vulnerabilities. So, we have developed an effective solution that is capable of solving this problem, preventing breaches, fighting attacks, and assisting in compliance processes. VaultOne is the result of years of research and development.”

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