Secure your cloud and hybrid environments

VaultOne is a next-generation privileged access management (PAM) solution that allows you to plan and manage your company’s digital future with security and confidence. We make use of Zero Trust architecture and multiple information security mechanisms to mitigate risks.

Challenge & Solution

Solution to secure data and cloud environments

The digital transformation is happening fast, with companies adopting a hybrid infrastructure environment or migrating their workloads entirely to the cloud. The fact is that this cloud migration is full of challenges and risks, such as ensuring remote work security and sensitive data protection. With VaultOne to manage and control user access to multiple environments and resources, make your journey in or to the cloud more secure and smooth. 

Secure and manage user access to any resource

Least Privilege

Take control of your digital transformation, protecting your cloud environments

Adopt Zero Trust to maximize security

VaultOne is designed with Zero Trust architecture. This way, you keep your business safe and running by deciding who is authorized to access your resources and assets, in what situations and when. It’s the policy of the least privilege improving your company’s security.

Prevent cyber attacks, errors and data breaches

VaultOne is a powerful solution that helps your company fight cyber attacks, human error and, consequently, data breaches. By having control over user management and a digital safe, you can identify vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently, preventing internal and external threats from interrupting your business.

Increase productivity and reduce costs

With VaultOne, it’s safer and easier to manage internal and third party users who have access to your company’s environments. Our platform centralizes information allowing your team to be more productive and assertive. In addition, you reduce costs with equipment, people and other solutions.

Comply with multiple regulations, such as GDPR

VaultOne provides visibility into what’s happening in your business and allows you to create different types of access policies to protect your most critical data. In addition, you can manage, report, audit and record your users’ activities. Thus, ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPPA, SOX, FIPS, PCI DSS, NIST, ISO 2700 and others.

Privacy & Security by Design

Meet VaultOne's privileged access management (PAM) solution

Our PAM solution simplifies and automates user and password management to protect your company from external attackers and malicious insiders, preventing breaches and achieving compliance.


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