IT compliance challenges

The word “compliance” comes from the English verb “to comply”. It is a term widely used in the corporate world to show conformity to regulations, laws, and standards related to the market in which it operates. 

On August 1, 2013, Law no. 12,846, popularly known as the Anti-Corruption Law was enacted, making internal audit policies a fundamental part of business operations, offering benefits to companies that implement and follow these policies.  

Legislation establishes numerous responsibilities for Organizations and their leaders as well as consequences to non-compliance.  

Table of Contents

Compliance benefits

In general, it can be defined as the set of good practices to make the corporate environment more secure, controlled and productive. It helps in the following areas: 

  • Monitors work, identifying problems and irregularities
  • Identifies failed processes and the impact of risks
  • Evaluate controls
  • Audit plan
  • Cost reduction

Compliance applied in IT

In IT, compliance is used to ensure more security in accessing data and related actions, through the adoption of access policies and protection technologies. 

Compliance is guided by the Security Policy and one of the foundations of Corporate Governance, which governs management and methods for using technological resources. 

It ensures that Corporations comply with the standards and regulations in force, such as: the LGPD, the civil framework of the internet, software law, home office and telework law, anti-corruption law, the Copyright Law, etc. 

How compliance can accelerate LGPD compliance

With the Data Protection Act in place, companies will need to have more control over their customers’ personal data. It will be necessary to record how the information was collected, in addition to documenting and reporting where it will be stored. 

  • Investing in a solution that performs Monitoring and Access will be essential, since it helps to define access privilegeswhichprevent unauthorized people from having access to the information. 
  • If the Organization does not have a specialist, it is advisable to hire a consultancy that helps with the LGPD Implementation Plan, including the monitoring and inspection of the processes.
  • Toensure that all employees follow laws, regulations and policies, training is important to show how they apply directly to their day-to-day responsibilities. 
  • It is alsoimportantthat the company appoints an ethics committee, with professionals from different areas, to inspect compliance. 

Compliance requires

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Monitoring of network security
  • Secure structure that allows connection and remote work
  • Identification and mitigation of threats
  • Audit tools

To finish

Compliance is based on four pillars: transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility. 

Having this practice in a Corporation brings you more credibility, in addition to discounts on credit lines, better return from investors and improved company valuation. 

Want to know more about it and how Identity Management can help your business stay in compliance? Talk to our experts and find out how VaultOne can help.

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