Essential resources for a PAM solution

Privileged credentials are the preferred targets of cyber attackers.

According to Forrester, at least 80% of all data breaches are the result of compromised privileged credentials.

Privileged, unmonitored, and unmanaged accounts give cybercriminals unrestricted access to the Organizations’ IT infrastructure through a single terminal.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an essential element in a company’s Identity Governance strategy. It allows the business to protect passwords and terminals, keeping privileged accounts secure.

Although necessary, research indicates that if there was an audit of access controls, 70% of the companies surveyed would fail. This means that even if the companies understand the importance and value of PAM, they do not have the software, controls, and specialized support needed to effectively put it into practice.

Eight essential resources that a PAM solution must have to ensure information security:

Table of Contents

1- Monitoring and recording privileged sessions

A PAM solution should allow monitoring of sessions in real time, recording of user activities on corporate systems, and even permission to end a session when inappropriate behavior is detected.

Through this resource, it is possible to check whether users are carrying out actions relevant to their tasks, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the Company’s confidential data.

In addition, it provides an audit history from the time the user logs in, credentials used, and activity tracking on the system.

Some solutions even allow the storage of session recording files and audit logs to prevent users from editing their activity histories and damaging their entire monitoring system.

2- Assessment of privileged credentials

This feature makes it possible to list the privileged active credentials and check the privilege level of each one, analyzing whether it makes sense for users to have access. Credentials that are no longer used can be removed.

Practice is important to identify possible security gaps, which can lead to future cyber-attacks.

3- Native strong password generator feature

The PAM solution should point out to users which registered passwords are weak, suggesting that they be changed.

It is also necessary that the Privileged Access Management platform has a strong password generator, which mixes upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols, with a minimum length of 10 characters. Businesses that adopt strong password protocols make it increasingly difficult for hackers to gain access to their systems.

Another interesting feature is the change password warning, ensuring a recycling of credentials.

4- Credential and key management

In addition to validating privileged credential access, it is also necessary to provide users with the ability to automatically change passwords, facilitating the management of credentials and keys.

This practice prevents users from having improper access, preventing users without permission access to the system.

5- Multi-factor authentication feature

This feature reinforces the protection of data access, providing extra security by requiring a second form of identity verification through various validation methods: SMS or email confirmation code.

6- Backup resources

It is very important that the PAM solution has the automatic backup feature. It is an essential practice to ensure that, if the company has the data leaked or deleted, it will be able to regain access to the data protected by the PAM solution.

7- Issuing alarms to warn suspicious actions

Alarms warning suspicious actions in the privileged session are essential, both to trigger security locks, and to notify those responsible for IT security in time to take appropriate measures.

8- Issuance of access report

Providing access reports is crucial for the IT administrator to have oversight of the actions taken in the privileged sessions and to be able to identify security flaws and points of improvement.

Protecting the user and their access is the first step to avoid advanced threats.

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