Information security awareness: 4 trends for 2021

Information security awareness: 4 trends for 2021 As much as technological resources have advanced with the digital transformation, their effectiveness can still be hindered by human error.  A large portion of data breaches, intrusions, and cyber-attacks stem from basic end-user errors. These user errors are the primary target for attackers looking to infiltrate business networks.   Information security awareness is gaining more importance in the […]

Cyber War – how it works

Cyber War: how it works Cyberspace has become an extension of traditional battlefields, allowing nations to sustain damaging conflicts without physical confrontation, troops or machines.   What is Cyber War? Cyber War involves the intentional invasion of another nations’ networks and computer systems for the purpose of causing damage to these systems.  These attacks are carried about by international organizations or state-sponsored entities with the knowledge […]

2020 security and risk trends

2020 security and risk trends The digitalization of businesses caused the expansion of the Companies’ perimeter, expanding the circulation of data outside the Organization, requiring greater risk management and the adoption of a more complex level of security in order to ensure business continuity.  Points of attention for CISOs According to Gartner, a North American consulting company, in reference to Technology, some points must […]