Access security is a priority in the cloud

The pandemic has accelerated the migration process of many companies to the cloud. In search of mobility and maintaining business continuity, many systems and applications have been moved to this environment.

With the lack of preparedness for most companies in the migration process, two problems occurred:  the incorrect configuration of cloud computing and the lack of access control.

Cybercriminals realized that Organizations would be more vulnerable and knew how to take advantage of the situation, fueling a rise in data breaches and security hacks.

The outlook for this year is that cyber – attacks against remote work will be on the increase, requiring diligence from IT professionals to keep data, networks and systems protected. These security measures must include strict data access policies and more control and visibility over cloud environments.

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See why access security is a priority in cloud environments:

What is access control?

It is a system, mechanism or equipment that limits the user’s access to the environment, ensuring the security of sensitive data and preventing the entry of unauthorized users.

Why control access in the cloud?

Ensuring safety involves people, technology and processes. Access control is essential to monitor the entry and exit of users on the network (whether they are employees, customers or suppliers), protecting information and the integrity of resources and infrastructure.

The implementation of access control requires three elements:

  1. Who has access to applications – Managed through network monitoring, to control what information is being used, how it is shared, and blocking downloads of applications or attachments that may pose a risk to network security. A PAM tool like VaultOne can, for example, allow administrators to track access usage and identify breaches.
  1. What each employee is allowed to do – The first step in establishing the appropriate level of privileges for each user is to understand what the minimum resources are needed for him to carry out daily tasks, and with this in mind, establish appropriate authorizations.
  2. What users have already done with their right of access – Privileged access management tools, such as VaultOne, make it possible to track the activities performed by users’ credentials stored in the vault, making it possible to identify problems and correct the provision of inappropriate privileges.

Benefits of VaultOne cloud access control

Greater security and protection of the privacy of confidential data

  • Ensure that users have adequate access to resources
  • Automation of IT administrative functions, such as account creation
  • Reduction of IT risks
  • Compliance and audit features

Do you know the difference between Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM)? Do you know how these concepts can complement each other or which system you should implement first?