8 actions to improve the protection of sensitive data

Did you know that most data breaches do not occur due to highly advanced hacking skills, as portrayed in the movies? 

There is a remote chance that this could happen; however, most of the time, data breaches occur due to leaked privileged credentials that can occur in several ways: phishing, carelessness in data storage, unauthorized sharing or information theft. 

VaultOne believes that, in order to solve this problem, organizations must add a carefully controlled digital safe to their existing security systems where passwords and other confidential information can be stored.  

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Our platform provides a highly encrypted vault in the cloud that has multiple layers of security to allow only authorized access to resources while, at the same time, governing the credentialed information related to your servers, websites, terminals and services. 

This provides companies with an essential security solution that reduces the risk of data leakage, as users are unable to perform unauthorized sharing or commit credential theft without being noticed. In addition, it provides evidence that can be used for audits and process improvement.

Our digital safe is simple to operate, easy to put into action and improves your data security system.  

VaultOne can increase your operational efficiency by eliminating the weak points of sensitive data security. 

Protecting sensitive data requires investment in tools and processes. VaultOne defines 8 actions that improve information security:

  1. Develop Terms of ConfidentialityThe first step in ensuring information security in an Organization is to use legal protection. This can be done through employment contracts that include terms of confidentiality. In this way, each employee will have a legal obligation not to share the information they have about the business with third parties.
  2. Establish access authorization protocols: Admittedly, secrets known to many people are no longer secret and endanger information security. Therefore, it is necessary to restrict the information to only a selected group of people, authenticated through passwords, biometrics, etc. 
  3. Protect the wi-fi networkThe wireless internet connection brings numerous benefits, such as mobility and convenience, however, it can be easily invaded. In order to avoid exposing yourself to this risk, it is advisable to change the configuration of the routers, adopting strong access passwords and solutions that block the access of unauthorized machines on the network. In addition, it is necessary to create a special credential for customers and third parties, with limited access to the network. 
  4. Protect mobile devicesThe need for mobility has increased the use of mobile devices in corporations, raising the level of the user experience. To ensure device security, it is necessary to adopt a security solution that manages mobile devices. Strong firewalls and antivirus protection, limiting access to websites and application downloads, regular maintenance on the device’s operating system, and regular data backup are all important steps in mobile device security. 
  5. Invest in cryptography and digital certificates: Encryption keeps company data safe in the event of data theft, replacing readable information with a complex code, which is only allowed to be read with the code key. Encryption can be used in e-mails, private chats and even information storage in the cloud. In addition, you can increase the effectiveness of digitally certified encryption. 
  6. Keep software up to date: Having the latest version of the software is not only important for having a more modern interface and obtaining new features, but to correct security breaches and minimize the possibility of data intrusions. 
  7. Have very clear Security Policies: Security Policy must contain rules and standards for protecting information. This includes policies defining what programs and data can be accessed through corporate and personal devices, and how storage media will be used (flash drives, external hard drives, cloud services, etc.).  
  8. Promote Safety TrainingInvestment in equipment without instruction makes little senseProper demonstration about the correct usage of cybersecurity protocols is necessary to ensure employee compliance. 

Protect your sensitive data with the VaultOne platform. VaultOne manages all of your company's login credentials and passwords in your secure, digital safe.

With VaultOne, you can be sure that your intellectual property is in good hands. 

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