Stop Unrestricted Use of Privileged InformationEnterprise Password Manager and Session Management

Vault One is where you keep and manage privileged accounts to avoid breaches and insider attacks while increasing operational efficiency.

Store your private information in a highly encrypted vault and establish privileged access governance by providing access to servers, endpoints, websites, and services without disclosing private information with users, while creating a trail of evidence for audits.

Monitor session access to your IT infrastructure. These sessions are recorded for later forensics and audit, allowing you to track the source of a breach.


Privileged information is kept in a strong digital hardware safe and can be shared among your users.


Decrease the risk of security breaches while giving personal accountability in the use of privileged information.

Vault One ProductsOverview

VaultOne Application

A powerful and modern web application to manage the security of your digital enterprise. Fast and easy.

  • Multi-factor Authentication.
  • Custom domain.
  • Social logins.
  • Development API.
  • Authenticate with your existing directory (AD/LDAP).
  • Hierarchical organization units.
  • User self registration pages.
  • Audit system.
  • Much more…

VaultOne Security Vault

Your passwords and keys are stored in a hardware exclusively designed to protect sensitive information.

  • Keep data secure on a FIPS-compliant hardware vault.
  • Approval workflow to access important assets.
  • Store passwords, keys and certificates.
  • Reliable, secure, and always up-to-date.
  • Authorize users or applications to access the vault.
  • Monitor password and key usage.
  • Much more…

VaultOne Secure Access

Let your users connect to your IT infrastructure without knowing the password or key used to access the server.

  • Users connect to an authenticated privileged session.
  • RDP, SSH, VNC, and Telnet protocols.
  • Audit access and track the source of a security problem.
  • Monitor usage.
  • Record sessions.
  • Much more…

More Vault One productsEven more

VaultOne Mobile

Use at your desk or on the go.

VaultOne On-Premisses

Use VaultOne Connect inside your company.

VaultOne Ledger

Add blockchain technology to your processes.

Privileged Access Security``80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials`` - Forrester, Wave Report