Protect Your Digital Enterprise

Welcome to Vault One, our cybersecurity is product designed to protect your enterprise against the most used attack vector of data breaches.

We have spent the last fifteen years developing state-of–the-art secure solutions for governments, business enterprises, intelligence services, and more, and found out that in many cases the leading point of attack is poor control over credentials to access systems and important services.

Many organizations allow unrestricted and unmonitored use of privileged information that are shared among users, and thereby limiting the possibility of personal accountability while increasing the risk of security breaches.

That why we developed Vault One, a solution where you can keep and manage privileged accounts, and avoid breaches and insider attacks while increasing operational efficiency. Vault One enables you to safely guard, control, and share passwords, social accounts, domain registration, server credentials, cloud services, and any other secret without the risk of theft.

Not only does Vault One reduce the risk of data leaks and non-authorized sharing of credentials, it also provides a trail of evidence that can be used for audits.

With our solution, companies will be able to upgrade their business to a new level and mitigate the risks of data breaches using privileged accounts.

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