How data breaches really happen

Did you know that most data breaches do not occur because of some highly-advanced hacking skills like it is portrayed in the movies? Indeed some of those things can be done; but most of the time, it is a result of leaked privileged credentials which can come in various forms: phishing, careless storage, non-authorized sharing, or internal stealing.

In Vault One, we believe that, in order to solve this problem, in addition to their security systems already in place, organizations should also have a carefully controlled digital vault where the passwords and any other sensitive information could be stored. We provide a highly-encrypted hardware vault in the cloud that has multiple layers of security to enable authorized-only access to resources while giving governance to the credential information related to your servers, websites, endpoints, and services. This provides your business with a essential security solution that reduces the risks of data leaks, as users are unable to conduct non-authorized sharing or steal the credentials without being noticed. Moreover, it provides a trail of evidence which can be used for audits.

Our digital vault is by far the easiest to put into action and boost your data security system. Vault One can increase your operational efficiency while getting rid of the weak spots of sensitive data security.